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Cypli International Services addresses inquiries relating to project finance.

We have an Association with an Appointed Fiduciary of a major Private Investment Organization that is receptive to exploring our recommendations for consideration of an investment in the form of a mixed loan-equity investment combination thereby providing 100% of the required investment amount.

Preferred sectors and industries are:

* Alternative & Renewable Energy

* Oil and Gas

* Real Estate & Construction

* Infrastructure

* Minerals & Mining

* Hospitality, Resorts, Casinos & Marinas etc

* Agriculture and related industries

* Environment

* Financial Institutions

* Technical Innovations

For expedited review and to receive an indication of possible interest please forward an executive summary to:

For any clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cypli International Services is “Your Global Ally in Business.”


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Disclaimer: Cypli International Services is NOT a Securities Dealer,  or a licensed Mortgage Agent/Broker or Investment Adviser and makes no warranties or representations as such. Any information shared by Cypli International Services is never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose.